The Art-Design Collective creates an ever changing source of art for collectors and an evolving online presence for Artists and Designers.


The Art Design Collective - is a juried collection of Artists and Designers from around the world.

The Big Why - As a web designer I receive requests to build sites for artists, and I am happy to do that. However, “if you build it, they may not come.” Websites require continuous marketing and promotion.

Building your own site can be overwhelming and tedious to maintain. Hiring a web designer can be costly.

I’ve Got a Plan - that saves artists time and money and it may include you!

More Info for Artists . . .

Benefits of becoming a member.

Exposure - In this world of stimulus overload, you have to stay visible or you are forgotten.

This platform features the work of its members on Instagram as a daily practice along with a newsletter to keep buyers aware of your latest work.

Your Gallery - Each Artist has their own gallery page. Featuring a minimum of nine images, an optional photo of the artist and a short Artist bio.

Your gallery will include your contact information allowing buyers to contact you directly. So, no commission! Yay.

SEO - Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving a site's ranking in search results. We implement various strategies to maximize results.

Copyright - Every one of your gallery images is marked with your copyright in the description.

Searchable - Work may be searched by artist’s name, category, subject, medium and color!

Instagram Feed - Your work will not only be featured on the website but on the Art-Design Collective Instagram feed as well!


Requirements of Membership

If you are on Instagram - Follow the Art-Design Collective Instagram Feed - this allows us to “tag” you. Tagging you creates a direct path to your personal Instagram feed and your work.

Keep It Fresh - A minimum of one new work to be uploaded quarterly. But send us more and we may just post more!


Application - You must apply using our online application process.

Membership Fee options -

  • Gallery featuring 12-25 images, with a periodic updates.

  • $5 USD/month

Cancel anytime by email request.